3 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Carpeting

Your floors take up a lot of space in your commercial building, which make them noticeable. Floors that are dirty, stained, or frayed can be easily noticed by clients as well as customers, hurting your brand and influencing the customer. Because of how much traffic a commercial business receives, carpeting can become dirty quite easily.

It can seem nearly impossible to keep carpets in a commercial building clean, but the task can be made easy using commercial cleaning services. However, you can still use these tips to keep floors looking pristine in between visits from commercial carpet cleaning antioch tn professionals.

Clean Outdoor Areas

Much of the dirt and debris that makes it into your carpets has been carried from the outdoors, so keeping your outdoor area clean can significantly decrease how dirty your carpets become. Spray parking lots down often to keep dirt from accumulating and keep the sidewalks and any walkways clean and clear of debris.

Vacuum Often

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How often your carpeting will need to be vacuumed depends on two factors – traffic flow and the activities and operations that are performed in the area. For example, vacuuming may be needed less often in a call center with limited employees entering and exiting each day while a restaurant may require more frequent vacuuming.

Get Deep Cleanings

Deep cleanings are required to get rid of built-in dirt and particulates that decrease air quality in the workplace and cause carpets to look dingy. Professionals can perform these cleanings, using high-powered equipment and specialized cleaning solutions.

Carpeting can be a challenge to keep looking clean, but your business can benefit from using these tips and working with professional carpet cleaning companies. To reduce dirt on carpets, keep outdoor areas as clean as possible, vacuum the floors often, and have cleaning experts perform deep cleanings routinely.

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