Why Hire a Mosquito Exterminator?

Although mosquitos aren’t a major problem for Fort Collins residents, the pest still has a presence in the area that cannot be forgotten. This annoying pest ruins spring and summer plans when they include the great outdoors. And while repellents exist, they can do only so much to prevent mosquitoes from biting a human host.

Rather than take the chance of being a mosquito’s next meal, call professionals for mosquito extermination fort collins instead. This affordably priced service ensures mosquitos do not ruin your summer fun but more importantly, they protect you and the people you love the most from catching any of the many diseases this pest is known to transmit.

mosquito extermination fort collins

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus is one of the many diseases that a mosquito can transmit to a human via a bite. It is also the most commonly transmitted virus. Around 80% of those infected by the disease show no symptoms, although it can cause serious neurological problems and even death.


Malaria is spread only by certain species of mosquitoes, but is nonetheless a threat since most people cannot identify mosquito species -or even see the pest before it sucks their blood. If not treated quickly, (within 24-hours,) some strains of malaria can be deadly.

Zika Virus

Zika virus is another common disease that is transmitted from mosquitoes. This virus usually has no symptoms like West Nile Virus, although it may cause paralysis in some patients. It also causes weakness, dizziness and other symptoms.

Pest Control Eliminates Mosquitoes

With so many dangers associated with mosquitos, keeping your property free from the pest is important. Professional pest control offers the best solution to keep your home mosquito-free. It is an affordable service that Fort Collins homeowners need each year.

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