What is The Ideal Number of Business Cards to Order Fora Small Business?

Deciding how many business cards to order can be a challenge, especially when starting a small business. Order too few, and you may run out at inopportune times. Order too many, and you’ll waste money on unused cards if your information changes. When determining the ideal quantity, consider a few key factors.

First, gauge how frequently you currently exchange business cards, and with whom. If you network often or have a customer-facing role, you may go through cards quicker. Conservative professions like law or accounting may not need as many.

Take into account the number of employees or representatives who will need cards. Order enough for each to have an adequate personal supply. Also factor in cards for trade shows, conferences, or other events.

Your Business Cards

Consider if you want separate cards for different business functions or departments. For example, sales staff may have different cards than customer support. Order enough for each card type.

A good rule of thumb for initial orders is 250-500 cards per person who needs them. Of course, order more or less depending on your expected usage. It’s easy to reorder if your supply runs low.

To save money, look for deals on your first order in case some card info changes as your business evolves. Services like Metal Kards offer affordable packages for startups.

Remember that card materials impact costs. Traditional paper cards are among the cheapest options. Cards on linen or cotton paper, metal, wood, or other premium materials may better fit your brand, despite higher prices.

Rather than one giant order, consider breaking your purchase into multiple smaller orders. This way you aren’t overstocked if your needs decrease over time.

Don’t forget to keep a digital business card catalog to easily reorder the same design and information in the future.

Ordering the right business card quantity for your small business is largely trial and error. Assess your current usage, plan for events and growth, and don’t over-order upfront. Replenish your supply as needed. With the right provider, reorders are quick and affordable.